• Paper: RIDL Rogue In-Flight Data Load

    In this post, I’ll explain the mechanisms behind a recent micro-architectural exploit. It’s in the same genre as the speculative execution exploits but has less strict requirements.

  • Report from the Adhoc Event 23 April

    I attended a remote virtual event organized by Paul Khuong, Samy Al Bahra and Jessica Natoli. Four short 15 minutes talks followed by Q&A. Great topics, professional, pedagogic speakers; and the format - short talks with recommended reading - before attending was great. I only wished that I had more time to prepare. A big thank you to Paul, Samy, Jessica, and all four presenters! I hope there will be more events!

  • Why should children program - a review of Seymor Paperts Mindstorms

    This is an essay about what it means to teach a kid to program, using Seymor Paperts groundbreaking book Mindstorms as a reference.

  • What are the next steps for rr?

    Robert O’Callahan is leaving Mozilla to work on rr-related technology. I’ve been following the rr project at a distance as a user and very casual contributor. I got curious, what will happen next? Here are my free-wheeling thoughts on possible directions.

  • Ubuntu 15.10 on Dell XPS 15

    In this post, I describes what steps are neccessary to get Ubuntu running on a recent laptop as of 2015.