Daniel Näslund's thoughts and writings

About Me

I’m an embedded software developer in the automotive sector. In the evenings I occasionally hack on Mozilla Firefox. Here’s a list of all issues I’ve ever commented on.

I have a twitter account which I haven’t really figured out the use for. I do push code from time to time to github but it’s most likely unpolished an experimental. I do have a linkedin account as well, and that I really haven’t figured out the use for. If you want to contact me, then please reach out to my email address, dannas [at] dannas.name.

About this blog

I rarely write blog entries. But I have a TIL, Today I Learned page, that I try to update daily.

Some quotes

Here are some quotes related to writing and mathematics. I’m especially fond of the Leslie Lamport quote and I really wish that my writing could reach his level of clarity.

Mathematics is a formal exoskeleton around one’s intuition.

​ Jordan Ellenberg

Who refuses to do arithmetic are doomed to talk nonsense

​ John Myles White

Writing is nature’s way of telling us how lousy our thinking is.

Math is nature’s way of letting you know how sloppy your writing is

​ Leslie Lamport

Without writing, you are reduced to a finite automaton.

With writing you have the extraordinary power of a Turing machine.

​ Manuel Blum

Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend

​ https://twitter.com/BenNadel/status/831535012075937792

What we need is notions, not notations.

​ Gauss